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When does a transfer deadline close? – Football Italian

When does it close?

This is the topic that every transfer window brings with it, and it’s the one where all of the big clubs are trying to make a mark.

Transfer windows are often described as the most difficult part of the football calendar, as all the clubs must try to make sure that they make the best possible signings and that they avoid being left behind in the queue.

The first transfer window closes on Friday, and that means that the big names are back in the market, with many clubs looking to bring in big names to make up for their lack of funds and the absence of their big-name players.

There are many factors that are influencing this, as it is the most expensive transfer window in Europe, with a value of €5.8bn (£5.5bn) estimated by Deloitte to be the highest in Europe.

The top 10 transfers of the transfer window are listed below.

What are the top 10?

Transfer window transfers in 2017 1) Juventus €42m (£38.7m) to AC Milan, Juventus have made a splash by signing Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid for €42.8m (£39.3m), making him their third highest paid player.

Higuillana has been instrumental in their title success, scoring 17 goals in 27 appearances.

2) AC Milan €33m (£28.8) to Napoli, Andrea Pirlo has signed for Napoli for €33.7 million (£28m).

The Italian side are the only side in the Serie A to have not won the Champions League in 2017, with Juventus finishing fifth.

Pirlos has also won the Serie C, scoring 10 goals in 12 matches, including a hat-trick against Napoli.

3) Bayern Munich €29.9m (£25.6m) from Borussia Dortmund to Real Madrid, Bayern Munich have been one of the best clubs in Europe for years, with Bayern having reached the Champions Leagues last season.

Real Madrid had already spent €30m (£29.6) on the Argentine forward, but the deal paid off as they finished third in La Liga.

4) Atletico Madrid €24.9,9m to PSG, Atletico have been consistently strong in LaLiga and are favourites to finish in the top four of LaLigue 1, where they currently sit in 11th place.

5) Bayern München €23.4m (£22.7) to Atletico, Bayern have spent more than €50m on Kylian Mbappe in his first season at the Allianz Arena, and have made him one of their key players this transfer window.

6) Chelsea €22.2m (£21.7), Arsenal €20.8, Manchester United €19.9M (£19.5), Real Madrid €18.9million (£18.3), Juventus €17.5M (£16.3) and Roma €17 million (£16 million).

7) Atalanta €16.7M (£15.8), AS Roma €16 million (£15 million) and Inter €14.6M (£13.5).

8) Liverpool €14 million (£12.4) to Juventus, Liverpool have been on the up for some time, winning the Europa League and the Italian Cup last season, as well as the Champions league.

9) Manchester United £10m (£9.6), Arsenal £7.8M (£6.6).

10) Paris Saint-Germain £5.4M (£4.3M), Roma £5 million (£4 million).

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