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How to live in the sun and escape the heat: The dormitory in Coorg

The dormitories in Coogolese coastal town of Tujunga, the capital of South Africa’s remote southern region of the island of Java, are known for their tropical climate and cool climate.

But they are also famous for the dormitaries’ history of extreme heat, and the dormitory was one of the first places to receive international attention for its extreme heat in 2016.

“In early 2017, the temperature hit over 100 degrees, and I was still inside my room when the sun came up,” the dormiette who gave her name only as Maria told ESPN Crikey.

“When I got outside and saw the sky, I realised I had to go outside.”

The dorm is a large room with a balcony, a window overlooking the ocean and a large open space that houses several people.

It has a roof that was recently removed.

The dorm was once a popular residence for locals and expats who lived in the dorm in the summer.

The new dormitory had a capacity of about 50 people, and its owner told ESPN the dorm had a full-time student population of about 100 people.

“The temperature in the room was over 110 degrees,” she said.

“It was the hottest in the entire country.”

After the dorm was damaged, the owners were forced to relocate the entire facility, but they kept the dorm because it was a part of the village and was used as a base to host foreign students and expatriates.

The owner of the dorm, Marius, said he did not want to talk about what happened inside the building, but the owner of a nearby building, a man who would only give his name as Zeb, told ESPN he had a story about a resident who went through a similar experience.

“He was at the entrance of the building and when he got out he got very cold, so he started sweating,” he said.

The residents who lived inside the dorm also complained about the heat.

“They had no heating system,” Zeb said.

After the residents complained about it, the owner told Zeb to bring a cooler to the dorms room to keep the dormers temperature down.

The cooler was brought in.

“After the cooler came, we had to call our staff to say we had a problem with a cooler,” Zemus said.

But the staff did not come, and he told the residents to call their own health authorities, but Zemes complaint was ignored.

“We didn’t have anything to go to, they didn’t come,” he told ESPN.

“I thought they wouldn’t listen.

I was very angry.”

In 2018, a new dorm was built to the specifications of the owners.

However, the new dorm did not have a cooling system.

Zemius and Zeb found out that they were living in the wrong place, with the correct ventilation.

They also complained to the health authorities and asked them to do something about the ventilation.

The health authorities did not give them any information.

But in September, the residents were allowed to go back inside.

Zeb and Zemos said they did not like the new accommodation.

“There are two types of residents here.

There are the people who go in the morning and stay in the day, and then there are the residents who are staying in the evening and stay out,” Zev said.

According to Zeb who was working in the area for a year, there are many residents in the old dorm that have been living in it for some time.

“Every time I went to sleep, I was tired,” he added.

I don’t have the money for a house, so I decided to stay.” “

So I was like, I am tired, I want to go home.

I don’t have the money for a house, so I decided to stay.”

Zeb was still not satisfied with the dorm.

“What’s wrong with this place?

Is there any kind of toilet?” he asked.

“No, there’s not,” the owner replied.

“You have to go there to take a shower, but you have to have a shower,” Zef said.

Zeg said the people in the new room do not have access to any toilets, and that he has to use a toilet bowl to wash himself.

“If I don.

I can’t shower, and if I go in and do my business, I can get cold and die,” Zeg told ESPN, adding that he had to wash his hands and face with the bowl.

Zev is still not happy with the new accommodations.

“This place is bad, and they’re not even fixing the toilets,” he explained.

“That’s not what you want to live here, I don’ want to do my laundry in the middle of the day,” Zec said.

A resident from the old room who is also a