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Nankai University’s dormitory is a ‘total mess’

Nanka’i University’s college of engineering and technology (NU’EST) dormitory on Nankaku Island is a “total mess”, the dormitory’s owner said on Friday.

Nankai City-based Kintaro Matsumoto, owner of NU’est, told The Sport Journal that the campus was “disastrous”, and said he had to remove his entire staff and buy a new one.

“We’ve never seen anything like it.

It’s very hard to live in a dormitory like that,” he said.”

It’s a total mess.

It has no running toilets.”””

It has no indoor plumbing, no electric, no running water.

It has no running toilets.””

This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

It is so bad,” Mr Matsumotos said.

The dormitory was built in 2010, and is a three-storey structure with a total floor area of 7.4 square metres, with three bedrooms, four bathrooms and a kitchenette.

Mr Matsumots dormitory has a total occupancy rate of 45 per cent.

“There are no rooms.

There’s no electricity.

It looks like a dump,” he added.”

The toilets are empty.

There are no toilets.

There is no running plumbing.”””

There is a toilet in the kitchen, but there’s no running toilet.

There is no running plumbing.””

The whole building looks like it was built by someone who’s just done a lot of shopping,” he told The Journal.

“There’s no water coming in.

It smells like garbage.”

Mr Matsums dormitory had a total of three toilets when it was last used in the late 1970s.

The building was previously occupied by a hotel that was converted into a commercial property in 2013.

“This was an empty building when we bought it,” Mr Kintoro said.

Mr Kintoreys dormitory also has two dormitories and a library.