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Student who raped student at US school says she’s ‘sorry’

The university dormitries where two young women were sexually assaulted by a man who was studying there in 2016 are no longer used as safe spaces for students.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is not using the dormitry buildings as its dormitory house.

Instead, the dormitory houses, or dormities, are for student life.

In a letter posted online Tuesday, a student at the school said she is “saddened” and “broken.”

“I’m not going to have my name or face used in this,” the letter reads.

“I am not going on a ‘raping day’ to shame myself and others.”

The students’ story of being sexually assaulted on campus was first reported by The Birmingham News on Thursday.

After The Birmingham City Council asked the university to remove the names and addresses of the two students, the school agreed to put them on a list of potential safe spaces to which students can report sexual assaults.

“The university did not intend to use the names or address of the students in the safe spaces, and as such did not anticipate that they would be used,” the university wrote in the letter to the two women.

“As a result, I believe this is a significant and positive development for the safety and well-being of students and staff.”

In the letter, the university also said that the campus will create a list for student safety.

University spokesperson Kristi Schulman said the campus has not received any reports of sexual assault on campus from students who were housed in the dorms.

A list of dormitory housing available for students was also released by the university in the wake of the story.

One of the women who was assaulted at the University of Birmingham, 21-year-old sophomore Ashley Naylor, told the Associated Press in an interview that the school has “no idea” who did it.

“I was not aware of anything, and I was a virgin,” Naylor said.

“So if they were looking for me, they didn’t have to find me.

I think I just feel really bad for them.”

The university is taking action after the story was published, saying it has made changes to the dorm rooms where the assaults occurred and has notified the two student-activists who were the first to report them to authorities.

“We take the safety of our students and our campus seriously, and we are addressing this matter as soon as possible,” Schulmans wrote in an email to The Associated Press.