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When it comes to dormitresses, a place to sleep in the heart of the Harry Potter world

Hogwarts dormitries are a favorite among many of us because of their cozy atmosphere and comfort.

But some of us love the feeling of a dorm room that feels like home.

And while we don’t all enjoy the same experience, we do have a preference for one of the Hogwarts dorms.

In the spirit of a fun-filled week of Harry Potter fun, we’ve assembled our favorite Hogwarts dorm room locations to see if you’re looking for a new dorm for your summer vacation.

And you can do even better by going with a different dorm.


Hogwarts’ Ravenclaw Tower We love the idea of having a dorm with a Ravenclaw name.

The tower was designed by renowned architect James Horner, who was inspired by the tower of a Hogwarts house.

It was originally a tower in the Pottermore estate in London.

The new tower in London is so beautiful, the Tower of London Museum says it has a “world-class” layout.

We love it when architecture projects like these pop up and are immediately replicated in places like Paris.

The Tower of England, located in London, is a stunning example of a castle built with a castle in mind.

The castle was a royal residence that belonged to King Edward VI and was built on the site of a former royal castle, which has been used as a tourist attraction ever since.


Gryffindor Tower Located in the famous Weasley house in East London, the Gryffincons tower is one of our favorite spots for a relaxing stay.

The Gryffin tower was built in 1884 by the architect William Hill, who also designed the Gryphons’ castle.

The structure is located at the top of a hill near the Gryfhons farmhouse.

It is a lovely spot to unwind and relax, and you can’t beat a good cup of tea.


Ravenclaw’s Tower The Ravenclaws tower was once home to a famous Ravenclaw house.

The Ravenclaw dormitory was designed in 1872 by architect Charles Darwin.

Darwin’s Ravenclaw House in England is the oldest surviving building in England.

Its design is unique because it is a single-story building with no windows or other openings.

Its sheer scale and the sheer number of rooms means that you’ll never have to wait for your room to be ready for you.

Ravencliffs house is so charming that it is sometimes called “The Great Ravenclaw Manor.”


Gryphon’s Tower Built in 1894, this tower was constructed by architect Richard Neutra.

Neutra’s Gryphonies castle was designed to resemble the castle of the Grypies.

The building is so well preserved, it is the only one of its kind in the world.

It’s built on a hilltop near the top floor of the Pottermores estate in Surrey.

The house is home to the school’s oldest surviving members, including the school mascot.


Grypons Tower It was built by British architect John Braidwood in 1902.

Braidwoods castle was originally designed as a small castle that could be expanded with the addition of an annex.

But it was soon scaled back and expanded to a large castle with several story windows.


Gryps House Built in 1924, the Harrys house is an excellent example of how a castle could be made of a number of parts and kept together.

The interior is a classic castle that you can still see today, with the exterior and the windows, even though the castle was completely rebuilt after the war.

It has the look and feel of a modern-day castle, and it has an impressive lobby.


Ravenscroft’s Tower In 1921, the Ravenscrufts tower was added to the Pottermount estate in Oxfordshire.

The original building was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1926, and the castle has remained as a monument to the fire.

Ravens tower is still a spectacular landmark, and its location on the Potter mount makes it a great place to catch a game of Quidditch.


Hufflepuff’s Tower Hufflepuffs dormitory is located in the small village of Huffleby in Oxford.

Huffles tower was originally built in 1912 by architect Robert Evans.

Evans’ castle is in the center of Oxford and is a modern castle that is well preserved.


Grygthor’s Tower Located near the castle at Grygths castle, the Hogwarts tower is a perfect spot to relax and catch a film or watch a movie.

The Hogwarts tower was also built by architect James Burroughs in 1937.

Harrys tower features a spectacular lobby with an open balcony.


Ravenswood’s Tower This stunning Hogwarts tower has a modern, open layout and a stunning lobby with a large open roof.

The lobby is decorated with many different pieces of art, including many