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The Lad bible: a history of the mudum alai

Students and students-in-training at the Lad Bible University of South Sudan, which was founded in 2006, have a new bible.

The bible, named The Lad by the university, is a translation of the Bible’s original Hebrew and Arabic.

The Bible is a collection of hundreds of biblical texts from more than 30 cultures, with many of them from India and Persia.

It is divided into sections of 50 pages.

The Lad is the third edition to be published.

The first two, titled The Lad and The Lad-In the World and The Lame Lad, were published in 2015.

The Lamanite Lad and the Lad-Blessed are two of the three major editions of the Lad.

The third edition, titled the Lame Book of the World, is due out this year.

The new Lad Bible is one of the first publications in which the Lad’s Arabic language is also used.

“The Lad Bible has brought a new voice to our campus,” said Adel Ndukwe, president of the university.

The dictionary is available at Lad Bible’s website and at Lad’s campus office in Londonderry, where it is part of the campus curriculum.

The university says it hopes the dictionary will bring a greater understanding of the world around us.

“Our mission is to help people to understand the richness of the human experience and the great diversity of cultures,” said Nduku.

“We want to help students and our students-to-learn to better relate to and understand one another.”

Nduke told The Associated Press that the Lad is a product of the school’s commitment to academic excellence.

“It is a bible of learning.

It will give us a unique opportunity to teach this unique language to students,” he said.

“What I like about it is that it’s a translation that has the same level of accuracy and accuracy of the original.

The only difference is the language is translated from Arabic into Ladlish.”

He said Ladlish is a more refined and modern language.

The book will also help students prepare for an English class.

The college’s president, George Chidani, said Lad has been a major source of pride to students, who have taken part in an online dictionary course.

He said it has helped build the college’s capacity to provide learning opportunities for Lad and Ladlish speakers.

The campus also hopes the Lad will provide opportunities for students to develop their own skills.

“Lads are a real part of Lad culture, and Lad is an important language,” said Chidian.

“There is a great interest in learning Ladlish and Lad, and we’re hoping that this will become a model for the future.”

The Lad bible is published in Lad Bible, a new translation of The Lad, the bible from the Ladite language.

Students and students, in-training students and students-, in-tru-tuition students are shown a Lad bible.

An employee of Lad Bible prepares the Lad bible in-studio at the campus in Londing, South Sudan.

The school also publishes a book of the bible. 

Lad is a language of the southern region of Sudan that is indigenous to the country and is spoken by a significant number of its citizens.

The language has been used in the Bible for centuries, and the dictionary also describes Lad as a language from which the language can be spoken, but not necessarily read.