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‘Dress to Kill’ to return in 2017 with a new trailer

It looks like there are no more Halloween costumes coming to Disney parks this Halloween season.

Instead, the movie “Dress To Kill” is coming back in 2017.

The film stars Jason Bateman as a man who is determined to become a killer.

The premise is simple: a young man is sent on a mission to kill a person in his home and then hide the body in the closet of the person’s dormitory.

The movie is based on a novel by John Green, who penned the book “The Fault in Our Stars” and was inspired by the true story of how he lost his family in a car crash in a remote area of China.

Green said he was inspired to write the movie after seeing a story in the New York Times Magazine about a young woman who committed suicide in a dormitory and then was found hanging from a ceiling fan.

The story, he said, was “not a happy one” and the reason he decided to make it a feature film was because he wanted to tell a story of redemption.

Green also told MTV News that he was asked by Disney if he would like to make a sequel.

The answer was no.

So he turned to Netflix to get the movie made.

Netflix had already released a trailer for the movie.

In it, a group of teenagers are hanging from the ceiling fan, which is what the story was set up to be.

The video ends with the group hanging on the ceiling in the hallway outside of their dorm room.

In a press release from Netflix, the company said the movie is “an epic tale of revenge, self-discovery, and a growing sense of responsibility.”

The release said the film will be available on Netflix Instant and Disney XD in 2018.