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What’s new in the new dorms in India’s first-class city, Jogeshwarpur?

The newest wave of luxury dorms are slowly taking shape in the city of Jogashwari in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

This year, the city plans to offer dormitories with a high-end design and layout, and will have three types of dormitry: 1) “Classroom” dorms that are designed to accommodate both upper and lower class students.

2) “Dormitory” dorm rooms that are intended for higher-class students who want to spend more time in their dorm.

3) “Outdoor” dorm, which are usually used by lower-class residents.

As per the latest plans, each type of dorm will offer separate rooms for upper class and lower-caste students, with separate bathrooms.

The design of the dorm rooms is aimed at offering more space and privacy, while at the same time creating space for social interaction.

For upper class students, there will be more space, with a separate entrance for the lower class.

For lower- caste students, the rooms will have more privacy, with one large balcony.

According to the latest details, the higher class will be offered the most rooms, with four rooms for higher class students and two for lower class, while the lower caste will get the same number of rooms as the upper class.

The apartments will be split into three floors, each with its own private bathrooms.

At the end of each floor, there are two bedrooms, with the bedrooms separated by a single door.

There are also shared bathrooms and kitchens.

Each room has its own TV, a fridge, and a separate sink.

Each floor also has a separate bathroom, with showers and toilets separate from the main rooms.

Apart from the standard amenities, there is a lounge with a sofa, a large TV, and separate toilets.

Apartments in the higher classes will be equipped with a full-sized toilet.

The lower-casts will have access to private bathrooms in the main hall.

The higher-casts have access only to their own private facilities.

The upper class rooms are supposed to have balconies and a private entrance.

According the plans, these are not meant for people to stay for hours in the evening, but rather for social gatherings and for entertaining guests.

The new apartments will have two bedrooms.

The first floor will have a common area for upper classes, while rooms on the second floor will be for lower-classes.

The first floor of the apartment will have four private bathrooms, with three shared bathrooms, and two separate sinks.

It will have separate kitchens.

Apartages on the first floor are designed with a private toilet, a lounge, and an outdoor shower.

The second floor of each apartment will feature two bedrooms and one common area, and three private bathrooms and two shared bathrooms.

It has a private kitchen.

Apartions on the upper floor will feature a shared bathroom and a lounge.

The third floor will house the dining area and a common room, with two bedrooms for upper and three for lower classes.

The third floor of a student dormitory has a shared restroom.

The communal area in the common area is separate from each other.

Aparties on the third floor are supposed for social occasions.

The building of dorms is a big project in the state, and the city is planning to open a total of 10 dormitries.

Each dormitory will be able to house 300 to 400 students, and have a private bathroom, an outdoor kitchen, and even a shared toilet.

This is one of the biggest projects of the city.

The city is aiming to have 20,000 dormities in Jogashi by 2022.