Girls and boys dormitory at college students’ college: ‘We want to help them learn’

Sep 14, 2021 Our room

A student from India’s third-largest city has set up a “boys dormitories” for girls at a prestigious college in the heart of the city, in an effort to help girls get acclimated to university.

The girls’ dormitory at the University of Technology, Kanpur, is the first of its kind in India.

A student from Delhi University, who has been studying for a PhD in psychology and was working on her thesis, was one of the first students to set up the dormitys, which are being used by students from across the country.

The girls’ and boys’ dorms are a response to concerns over girls being isolated at colleges, said Gautam Yadav, the chairperson of the students’ group.

He added that he hopes the dormitory will help girls overcome the isolation they face.

“Girls should not be kept at a distance, especially at a college like ours, which is in the centre of the capital,” Yadav said.

“It is a difficult time for us.

There are a lot of girls at our university, but not a lot to do.

This will make things easier for us.”

The first two dormities are being operated by the University’s student association and are being staffed by volunteers.

Students and their parents are also helping out with the final construction and renovation.

Dress code for the dorms is different from the boys’ and girls’ halls, which have separate washrooms and showers, said Ramanan Keshav, vice-president of the student association.

“They have their own separate areas, but we also provide a washroom and showers for them,” he said.

The dorms will have the facilities of a typical campus dormitory, such as a communal kitchen, and will be fully equipped with water and a gymnasium.

There will also be two separate swimming pools for girls and boys, and there will be a separate indoor gymnasia for boys.

The dormitaries will be set up by the group, which has also set up similar dormitries for the students at the Jawaharlal Nehru University and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Jawanpur University.

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