Inside the prison architect’s dormitory in Koramangal

Aug 11, 2021 Photo storage

The architect and a group of fellow architects have just finished work in the Koramagala dormitory on the outskirts of Madrid, Spain.

The building is part of the prison design project that began in February 2017, when the Spanish government asked the architects to design a dormitory that would be designed with modern technology in mind.

The architects worked with the inmates in the dormitory to design their own furniture, furnishings and the facilities for the inmates.

The project was launched to provide inmates with the opportunity to interact with other prisoners through art, poetry and games.

The architects hope that this project will become a symbol for the way inmates live in prison, according to their website.

The dormitory is a unique structure that has been created by inmates in order to create a communal space for them.

It is designed in such a way that the space is as much about the design as it is about the prisoners.

The students in the project are from the University of Cajamarca, the university in Cajagua de Madrid.

The inmates from the dormitories are mostly from the Madrid prison system.

The inmates have been working in isolation for almost three months, according the architects, who created the dorm by taking the inmates’ photos and videos and using them as a model for the dorm.

The prisoners work in a small room with a few books and a computer, which are separated from each other by a curtain.

A desk is situated on the desk, so that they can work freely and together.

There is no internet connection in the room, as the inmates work alone.

The architecture students have a special interest in prison design and wanted to explore how inmates interact with each other, according their website, which describes their project as a ‘prison design experiment.’

They are currently in the process of making the first batch of the dorm room.

“I have a love for architecture, so it was a pleasure for me to work with inmates and with the prisoners,” said the project’s architect, Juan Pablo.

The construction of the building started on March 31, 2018.

In the following months, the project has been completed, according an official statement from the prison.

The prison has two different types of cells: dormitory units and solitary confinement units.

Both of these are designed with inmates in mind, with each unit having its own bathroom, a small kitchen and a small library.

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