How to keep your dormitory safe after an attack

Jul 26, 2021 Company

How to stay safe after a lockdown and other things to know about dormitories in Mumbai and Kolkata, India.1.

Keep yourself safe.1 You can get to and from places like the metro, train station, bus station, airport, college, hotel, etc., with minimal disruption.2.

When you are safe, don’t be afraid.2 Keep yourself in the know about the threat.3.

Do not be afraid of crowds or intruders.3 Stay alert.3 Be aware of any potential threats.4.

If you are not prepared, try to get home.4 Stay alert and ready.4 Avoid public transport.4 Watch the news for updates.5.

Don’t get too paranoid.5 If you have a problem or need help, don.t let others know that you are being questioned or treated.5 Try to calm down and go through your day.5 Keep a log of your encounters.5 Don’t be tempted to panic.6.

If the situation escalates, call your GP.6 When you see police or emergency services, stay away.6 Stay alert when someone tries to approach you.6 Don’t approach anyone with a weapon or make any other threats.6 If someone approaches you, run away.

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