How to turn your dormitories into Airbnb destinations

Jul 25, 2021 Our room

When I was in college, we lived in a dormitory on a college campus in Jakarta.

It was a little bit more cramped, but it was also quite nice, and I felt safe, and my dorm was also very clean.

There were no trash cans, no stoves, no fires, no trash bins, and the dorm was clean.

So I really felt comfortable living there, and there was nothing to keep me away.

When I moved to the US a few years later, I moved into my first dorm, in an apartment building, with my roommate, and he was a huge fan of living in dormitos.

He said, ‘You should go live in a condo in LA or New York.’

I said, OK, I’ll look into it.

I was very excited.

So about two years ago, I decided to move into a new dormitory.

And that dorm was completely full.

I’m still not sure if that was my first or my last.

But the dormitory was completely empty.

So there was absolutely no energy, there was no excitement, and it just didn’t feel like home.

So that was a really weird moment.

I have always been very interested in living in spaces that are completely empty, and to have that feeling of isolation was something that I really wanted to avoid.

It just felt really weird.

I also wanted to find out what the dorms were like, so I visited a few different dormitaries in Jakarta, and they all seemed very similar.

I visited one dorm in the suburbs of Jakarta, in a tiny one-bedroom apartment.

And it was really, really quiet, and really nice.

There was a TV and a coffee table, and everyone was sharing a kitchenette with a fridge, a fridge.

So it was a nice place to stay, and a nice space to sleep.

I decided that I was going to try to find a dorm that was more like my own apartment, and that was really the first dorm I visited.

I actually spent a few weeks trying to find my own dorm.

I went to different apartments, and found a really nice one, and then I finally found a place that I thought would be the right place for me.

But it took a few months to actually find that place.

I did not have any real plans for that place, so that was actually the first time I really had to move.

But then, when I moved in, the place was just beautiful.

And when I came to stay there, it was just really cool, and everything was so clean.

The dorms all had different styles of furniture, and all of them were really clean, and very comfortable.

There weren’t any trash cans or stoves or anything like that.

They just had these amazing kitchenettes and these beautiful bathrooms, so it was definitely a great experience for me to live in an actual dorm.

It also had a lot of really beautiful, bright sunlight that made the whole place feel like I was actually living there.

So the dorm itself was actually a very nice place for a young woman to start a family.

So, as you can imagine, I had a great time.

It’s just really nice to be able to see all the different dorms in Jakarta that I went into, and see all of the different styles and sizes of dormities, and just really enjoy the experience.

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