How to take care of yourself after a break from work

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TAIWAN DUPRIN, Taiwan (AP) A Taiwanese university is offering a class on how to be more comfortable at work after a brief break.

The program, which has been offered for a year, was launched at the TAIFEN (Taiwan International Federation of Engineering Education and Research) school in Taipei by its president, Lee Wei-chang, on Monday.

The course aims to help students who have worked at universities in China and have come to Taiwan learn how to work from a different perspective.TUIWAN DEVELOPMENT UNIVERSITY (TDU) dean Liu Ping-liu said he wants the students to understand the challenges that come with working in China.

The class was launched after a year-long study of Taiwan’s workplace safety policy, which included examining the safety of workplaces in Taiwan, Taiwan and the mainland.TU’s vice president of public affairs, Lee Chan-yuan, said the class was a way to promote the country’s commitment to safety.

“It’s not just a matter of how to deal with the situation, but also to work out how to get rid of it,” he said.

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