How to deal with a girl from the US with ‘dormatant breasts’

Jul 16, 2021 Photo storage

This week, a New York City girl is having a hard time getting along with her peers and the authorities. 

According to New York magazine, this student, who was identified only as “A,” is “not a good student” and has trouble fitting in with other girls. 

“I don’t have a crush on her, I just think she’s pretty, and she doesn’t look like a typical girl,” A told the magazine. 

A says she’s been bullied because of her “dormant breasts,” which are not visible to the naked eye. 

This isn’t the first time the girl has complained of being teased and shamed for her appearance. 

In September, a girl in New Jersey had to deal a similar fate after a classmate at her school asked her to remove her bra. 

While a few girls have reportedly been bullied, this is the first instance of a male student in a female dormitory having to deal the same fate. 

It has sparked outrage on social media and prompted a number of women to speak out. 

One student who was the victim of the bullying told New York Magazine that it is an insult to the woman who is in the dormitory with the girl. 

As The Huffington Posts reports, a number men have been charged with harassment in connection with the incident. 

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