How to Find the American Dream

Jul 12, 2021 Photo storage

The American Dream is one of those dreams that is rarely discussed, and often forgotten.

There are those who believe the American dream is just that: a dream, a dream of opportunity, a wish fulfilled, and the dream is so strong, it can’t be shattered.

But there are those, too, who believe it is an elusive, elusive dream.

A dream that can be broken, one that has been ineffably held within their minds for centuries.

I can tell you, for instance, that I’m a big fan of the idea of being the next president of the United States.

And I am also a big advocate of ending the war in Iraq.

The American people are asking for it, the country is ready for it.

The war has been a total failure, and for too long, our troops have not served the country, have been misused, and have not been rewarded with the respect they deserve.

We have a president who has shown no interest in the truth, has lied and has cheated the American people.

And the people have a right to know what happened.

The truth, the American public, the truth about what has happened to our nation.

But that is not how the American American people see the war.

We see the American war as a battle against the terrorists, a war against the world.

But in a way, we see it more like a war on the American flag.

Americans, like everyone else, are proud of our country, but we are not proud of the way it was fought.

It is a war fought by our own people, for our own survival.

America’s history tells us that we have lost that war, that the country has lost that country, that we are a lost cause.

We are not a good or a strong nation, or a powerful nation, and we are in need of a new kind of leader.

That is why the American leadership needs a leader who will take us back, to fight for our future, and to fight against the forces that threaten our way of life.

We need a president and a party that believes in the American promise, and our founding principles, and who will fight for them every step of the road.

I will fight, as I always have, for the American idea.

I am fighting, not to win, but to save the American Republic.

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