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Kolkatta, India:The Kolkatans Airports Complex (KAFC) has named its new dormitory ‘Kong’ and is now part of the airport.

KAFC’s director, Sanjay Jha said the name is intended to celebrate the uniqueness of the campus and its heritage.

“It was a great idea for us to make a dormitory of Kong and the name was chosen by the airport authorities.

The idea came from a long-time visitor who came to see the campus,” he said.

Kolkata, India – Kolkatal Airport is now known as Kong.

– CNN (Source: Kolkitans Airways Complex)Kolkatas Airports Director Sanjay Kha said KAFE has decided to rename the new dormitories ‘Kongs’ for its unique history and the uniqueness that it has in the city.

“The name Kong is part of our heritage and is meant to celebrate its uniqueness.

This is a way of expressing our gratitude to the airport and its staff,” he added.

Airports have long been known for their distinctive designs, with the KAFEs’ ‘Gulshan’ design and KAFEC’s ‘Baghi’ design also making an appearance.

Kolkats airport, which opened in the early 1990s, is a world-class international airport, boasting one of the world’s most modern terminal buildings, an international terminal, a high-speed rail link, a water taxi, an aerodrome and a number of aviation and aviation-related facilities.

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